Welcome to Northwest Colorado!

Wide open spaces... incredible variety of wildlife... endless recreational opportunities!

Rich in history and western tradition where the outlaw and homesteader lived side by side. Living in this remote area captures and inspires the imaginations of many that call Northwest Colorado home!

The Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin are an iconic attraction, with many folks traveling many miles to visit.

Over half of this area's land is public lands available for many types of recreation, including camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, hunting, river rafting, canoeing, cross country skiing, biking, and much more! Mountains and hills to the east with rugged, colorful canyonlands in the west. Rich in western history, the area also features rock art and historical markers from the Fremont and Ute Indian cultures, as well as the homesteaders, miners, and outlaws such as Butch Cassidy. The Yampa River flows through the heart of this country. It is the last major free flowing river in the Colorado River Basin. Abundant with wildlife including deer, elk, antelope, wild horses, mountain lion, bear and more. Fishing is above average.

Rich in energy and agricultural resources, this area is also home to several coal mines and an electric generating power plant. The city of Craig is a ranching center for sheep, cattle and wheat growers. The ski town, Steamboat Springs is well known for its champagne powder skiing. Western traditions are a way of life in all our towns. Come visit us in person and experience our western hospitality and friendly way of life.

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